Real Estate Realm,  LLC
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About Us

Real Estate Realm LLC was established in 2004 with the purpose of investing in real estate. We have grown and changed over the years, and have gone from simple rentals and their management to more complex rehab and renovation projects for ourselves and other investors. 

We strive to combine the knowledge of builders who have gone before us and the green building practices of todays world. Our projects vary from rental rehabs to moderately priced homes, offices and apartments. We specialize in contemporary victorian styles, and have craftsmen who work with us who specialize in such varied practices as concrete, tile and victorian trim. By making use of these varied skills, we can offer the styles of old combined with the efficiency and convenience of the modern world. We build everything with honesty, integrity, and a solid commitment to quality, as well as quality building materials. 

We will not sacrifice quality for profit. We have found that better built and better designed residences hold up to resident abuses, and rent out faster than low quality buildings. Better built residences tend to attract higher quality residents as well. We strive to create better residences through good building practices and our commitment to quality.

For current events or other information about Real Estate Realm LLC, please visit our blog at
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