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Some our recent projects include the following:

363 and 339 S. Tenth St, Noblesville

Built between 1900 and 1905 in Noblesville Indiana as a high end double rental house, this house weathered the long years with some difficulties. Converted at some point into an illegal four-plex, this house was not exactly the envy of the neighborhood. Each side is a mirror image of the other, right down to the built-in oak cabinets in what was once the dining area. Even as a run-down four-plex, it kept its mirror image, which today is what is truly unique about these properties. Yes, these properties. We have divided the whole lot, house and four-car garage into two separate properties, and are proud to offer them as beautiful and newly redone townhomes. Rehabbed inside and out, these homes now boast the conveniences of modern living with the charm of old town Noblesville.

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Washington Street, Noblesville

This single family home was built somewhere around 1910 in the Jonestown historic area of Noblesville Indiana. Furnished with paneling and red shag carpeting during the height of the 1970's, this home had not been updated since. With a bit of creativity, hard work, and a lot of luck in finding an archway hidden beneath the nicotine stained paneling, we turned this neglected house into a beautiful home. Sorry, but this home is not available for rent at this time.

Union Street

This nearly 3k square foot fourplex located in the Sacred Heart area of Indianapolis was in very rough shape when we first started on it. Complete with a complimentary baseball bat for every apartment and a tub that drained directly to the crawlspace, it had been home to problems of nearly every sort. It now boasts lovely wood laminate floors, solid walls, working plumbing, and lovely, energy efficient living in each one bedroom apartment. Completed in November of 2007.

Lesley Ave

A single family house built in the ranch style of the 1950's, this formerly bank owned home was just bursting with potential. Sadly, the roof had leaked, allowing water and neighborhood cats to enter, and a long freeze/thaw winter coupled with a couple years of neglect had served to cause plaster and ceiling damage. Some drywall, some paint, some polish, and some hard work resulted in a wonderful transformation.

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